Sunday, June 16, 2019



Two models of a log-shaped dish or planter.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Mid-Century Dachshunds

Arthur Wood

Arthur Wood (Staffordshire) -- 1884-present as a brand of Rayware.


Pitcher showing horse riders and horse-head handle (~$30-60). By the mark on the bottom--1954 to 1967.

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Floraline (McCoy)

Roseville Florine is a line of pottery produced by McCoy (1960-~1974).  They were a cheaper line aimed at florist shops.  These pieces are designed to be simpler forms and colors that will help showcase a display of flowers. Most of the Floraline pots are now listed as "planters".

While arguably less valuable than classic McCoy-marked cermaics the difference in value is minor when comparing similar pieces. Floraline sells for a little more in white color, and increasingly in sage green.

While generally not highly valuable all types of McCoy pottery are very useful and collectible and can be found in many charity and resales stores.  As an American product that is no longer in production, they can be expected to gain some value over time.


From the left: Mold 576 (~$10-20), Mold 574 planter (value ~$10-20), Mold 571 (~$10-15).

Clockwise from back left (copyright 1968): Mold 439 (~$10-20), Mold 438 (~$20-30), Mold 418 (~10-15 ), Mold 435 (~10-20).

Mold 494 ($10-20).

While McCoy reproductions and fakes are produced they are normally the more expensive and ornate pieces, not the Floraline patterns,

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Haeger Potteries

The Haeger Potteries (1871-2016) was a family-owned ceramics company that operated for 145 years in East Dundee, Illinois.  They made diverse decorative and function ceramics over different eras of production and four generations of ownership.

Cornucopia Vase
Large vase with black drip swirl
Large pink compote with grapes
Small white basket